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About On The Go Kids

On The Go Kids was founded in 1993 in Downingtown, PA by Laurie Micken.
The original business model was designed to provide parents with private transportation options for their child. 

After providing several years of private transportation, the company was approached by a local school district to assist in the transportation of their special needs students. On The Go Kids accepted the work, and building on its reputation for outstanding student transportation continued to be offered additional school district opportunities

As On The Go Kids grew, Tom Micken officially joined the company to support the increased demands. As a family owned and operated business, On The Go Kids believes that trust, commitment, and relationships are critical to the success and longevity of the business.

On The Go Kids strives to provide our district’s, students and parents with the best and safest most efficient transportation possible. We understand to be successful, we must respect and value our employees and provide impeccable service to our school district customers. Employees who have a sense of purposeful participation and an understanding of the mutual responsibility in accomplishing the Company’s objective, are our most valuable assets. It is the commitment from those employees that allow us to meet the very high standards we offer our school districts.

Today, the company has a fleet of 180 school buses and student transportation vehicles. We are tasked with providing transportation services to our school district customers and their families servicing both the exceptional learner and the traditional student populations. We are grateful for the opportunity and the trust our districts and their parents have provided to us and for the amazing students, we transport every day.